Join us at University College London on September 12th and 13th 2019


We know that you are all doing amazing science and furthering our understanding of our Dynamic Earth. Here at the Joint DTP Conference we encourage you to share that research. Let everyone know what amazing discoveries you have made.

Abstract submission closes on the 22nd July 2019.

Registration closes on the 21st August 2019.

Contact Details: Follow us on Twitter (@DynamicEarthDTP) or email us at

Winner of the photography contest: Stephen Long from the London NERC DTP

Well done to our 10 runners-up: Lara Smale, Paul Minton, Michael Hanks & Rosie Williams from @London_NERC_DTP & Kelvin Choi & Jack Anderson from @SSCP_DTP & Harry Frost from @SCENARIO_DTP.

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Dynamic Earth invites PhD students from the London NERC DTP, SSCP DTP, SHEAR SSC, and SCENARIO NERC DTP to share their research with fellow environmental scientists. We look forward to hearing from you.


Abstract submission

Present your research either as a short oral presentation or as a poster. Click the link below to learn more about abstract submission.