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Committee Introductions_Gerr.png

Gerallt Hughes, Chair - London NERC DTP

Gerallt, the Chair of the Dynamic Earth organising committee, is a second year PhD student on the London NERC DTP. He is studying the timescales of magma storage and movement in volcanic systems. Gerallt’s chosen field site is Colima in Mexico.


Committee Introductions_Ana.png

Ana Andries, Vice-Chair - Scenario NERC

Ana is the Vice-Chair of the Joint DTP Conference organising committee. Ana is looking at the translation of EO data into SDG indicators through her research with University of Surrey and NPL on the SCENARIO DTP.

Committee Introductions_Eric.png

Eric Saboya - SSCP DTP

Eric is based in the Department of Physics at Imperial College London. His research focuses on attributing and estimating regional methane emissions in the UK using innovative measurement techniques. Eric uses atmospheric dispersion models to simulate the concentration (mixing ratio) and isotopic composition of methane at various sites in the UK, including at Imperial College London. Using these simulated data and observational data (at some of the sites) it is possible to assess the dominant methane sources ambient to the monitoring sites.

Committee Introductions_Roweena.png

Roweena patel - Scenario NERC

Roweena is a SCENARIO DTP student at Reading and Cefas. She uses satellite remote sensing to obtain phytoplankton data alongside collecting in situ fish stomach content data to build a food web model in UK waters for sardine, anchovy and mackerel.

Committee Introductions_Joanna.png

Joanna Tindall - London NERC DTP

Joanna is in the second year of her PhD with the London NERC DTP. She is studying oxygen-isotopes from lacustrine ostracods to reconstruct abrupt climatic events in NW Europe during the Holocene at UCL and Royal Holloway. This data can be used in isotope-enabled general circulation models to begin investigating the driving mechanisms of these abrupt events.

Committee Introductions_Alex_Final.png

Alex Mcgoran - London NERC DTP

Alex is a second year PhD student at Royal Holloway and the Natural History Museum. She is studying microplastic transfer through the food web in the Thames by examining the gut contents of predator and prey species. This includes keeping a watchful eye on the Thames, waiting for dead seals to wash ashore. The stranded individuals are brought to the Museum for a necropsy.

Committee Introductions_Tomos.png

Tomos Jones - Scenario NERC

Tomos is identifying which ornamental plants could become future invasives in Britain and Ireland with the University of Reading. He is a keen gardener, but originally studied Geography. This combination of geographical and horticultural interest has led to Tomos’ current PhD research on the invasive potential of ornamental plants; how these plants ‘behave’ in their introduced range and how this might change as a result of climate change. He is also interested in the role of gardeners in preventing and managing future invasions.