Conferences can be stressful and tiring, particularly if you have a ‘hidden disability’. We want to make Dynamic Earth enjoyable for everyone. If think you may need some space away from the hustle and bustle, please read on.

Some supermarkets and airports have recently been offering guests the option of wearing a sunflower lanyard to let staff know that they have a 'hidden disability'. We invite you to opt-in to our sunflower scheme for the Dynamic Earth conference if you have a hidden disability which you think might make situations during the conference particularly challenging, overwhelming or stressful (more than the normal nerves of presenting).

A discrete sunflower will be included on your name badge as a subtle identifier that you may need some ‘time out’ during the conference. It's entirely voluntary to declare this information and to choose to wear a sunflower. You do not have to tell us what disability you have, but if you feel it would be helpful please email us ( with details of how we can help make the experience more comfortable for you. This information will not be shared with anyone other than this year’s committee.

We will be including information in our programme about where you can find places to take a bit of ‘time-out’ during the conference should you need a quiet moment.

Flickr -  白士 李

Flickr - 白士 李

Locations offering sunflower lanyards:

Heathrow Airport


Luton Airport

Gatwick Airport

London Stanstead Airport

Banner photo: Wikimedia Commons - T. R. Shankar Raman